What is the best software for splitting PDF files?

Whether you have an incredibly large number of PDF files to split or you have a small number of files that you need to split, many different types of software available can help you get the job done. However, it would help if you considered a few things before purchasing any PDF file split software.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Whether you want to send a document to a client in an email or merge multiple files into a single document, Adobe Acrobat DC is the best software for splitting PDF files. It also features a nifty FORM mode, which allows you to create and send a form-based document.

The “Split” option is next to the “Output Options” section of the menu. It allows you to split your PDF by page size, number of pages, bookmarks, and top-level bookmarks.

It also features a “split by separator” mode, which allows you to divide your PDF into two or more separate files. This feature also lets you use regular expression syntax to define a text pattern that will be used to determine which pages are to be included in each output file.

It also offers a “page label search” feature that will allow you to identify page labels on each document. It is particularly useful if you want to name your pages with any combination of letters or symbols.

Another cool feature is the “Extract” option, which allows you to pick and choose which pages to save. It also allows you to add comments to your document and sign and highlight text.

Icecream PDF Split & Merge

Icecream PDF Split & Merge works with password-protected PDF files and offers several advanced options to help you create the files you want. You can remove pages, change the position of files, and set your permissions for the output files. It also includes a built-in PDF reader to preview your PDF files before merging them.

IceCream PDF Split & Merge supports some splitting modes, including page-by-page, groups of equal pages, and detached pages. You can also save certain page ranges as individual documents or pages as individual documents without splitting the original PDF.

Icecream PDF Split & Merge is free to download and use on your computer. It works on Windows and Mac. You can also purchase a one-time license for the program. There’s also a free trial version available. In addition, you can buy a one-time license for up to two computers.

PDF Chef

Using PDF Chef to split a PDF file isn’t difficult. It uses the browser-side to split a PDF into pieces. It can also resize, scale, and rearrange pages. It also offers print output facilities. You can also export edited PDF files in different formats. The software also comes with a free trial version. You’ll have to enter a few details about the PDF file when it loads.

PDFChef is designed to be easy to use on both Mac and Windows. It also has a built-in OCR engine. The program also offers privacy and security measures. You can also use it to merge two PDF files into one. It can also remove unwanted pages.

The best thing about PDFChef is that it has various features that allow you to manipulate your PDF files quickly. The program also offers the best possible security for your documents. Several features will keep you safe from malware and other online threats. The software also comes with a watermark on its output.

PDF Exploiter

Whether you want to add watermarks, encrypt or decrypt a PDF, or even split one, PDF Exploiter is your best bet. It is easy to use and provides an interactive graphical user interface.

Aside from splitting PDFs, PDF Exploiter allows you to merge multiple PDFs. It is especially useful when you want to attach pages from several PDFs. This option is not common in most PDF editing programs.

It also features a cool watermark. It offers several useful features that other PDF programs do not. It also allows you to print multiple pages at once.

Another useful feature is the extract all pages option. This option is useful for anyone with a Mac or Windows computer. It will extract every page in the PDF.


Whether you want to split PDF files into smaller files or you need to merge PDFs, LightPDF is the best software for the job. It allows you to merge or split pages, add or delete pages, and even modify the text and images.

LightPDF has a user-friendly interface, and its feature list is comprehensive. It can also be used on a variety of platforms. It has an OCR feature, which allows you to modify images in a PDF document. It can also convert scanned PDFs into editable Word, PPT, or Excel files. You can also encrypt pages for security.

There is a free version of LightPDF, but if you want more features, consider signing up for a paid account. This way, you can choose the format and resolution of the PDFs you want to create. It also allows you to share the documents with others. You can also add passwords to protect PDFs.

LightPDF also has an OCR feature, which lets you edit images in a scanned PDF. You can also encrypted pages to protect sensitive information.