How to Remove Stickers on your Windscreen?

Out of all the many spots on your car, the windscreen is often the place considered perfect to fill with various types of stickers such as city stickers, parking stickers, oil change, etc.

Since these stickers are meant to last for a long period, it is difficult to remove them on your own without damaging your windscreen or without a sticky residue left behind. But fear not, with the help of any of these 7 methods mentioned below, you can easily save on your expenses and visit to the shop and remove the sticker placed on your windscreen on your own.

  1. Window Cleaning Detergent:

Since you have decided to do the job on your own, you may as well use the right product with the purpose of removing stickers from your windscreen. Yes, rather than trying out any other method, you can purchase a windscreen cleaning detergent and directly spray it on to the decal. Leave it to sit for a while and when you have noticed the sticker turn soft or sliding downwards, use a razor and gently carve the sticker off.

When trying to remove the decal with the razor, be careful as it could damage your windscreen if not done correctly.


  1. Alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol on the decal is also an efficient method that is often used. If the window cleaning detergent wasn’t helpful, you can try using denatured alcohol. Take a dry and clean paper towel and soak it in the alcohol, then dab it on the sticker.

Ensure you use a sufficient amount of alcohol for it to come off easily and let the sticker soak for a while in the alcohol. Once you see it crumbling, you can use a razor to remove it. After you have removed the decal and the adhesive residue, take a fresh paper towel, soak it in clean water and wipe your windscreen one last time.

  1. Goo Gone:

It is a non-toxic affordable solution created for the purpose of removing decals and adhesive substances. It is helpful in removing normal glue, wood glue and various other glues.

All you have to do is spray the Goo Gone directly on to the decal and let it sit for a few minutes, after that you can easily remove it with your hand. This method is considered very easy and simple because it doesn’t require using towels, razors, or water.

  1. Ice:

Although it may seem shockingly untrue, ice can also be used to remove stickers from windscreens just like it is used to remove chewing gum from clothes. All you have to do is apply a slab or cube of ice on to the sticker and leave it for up to 5 minutes, after which you can use any sharp object or a razor blade to remove the sticker. Ensure you use the razor gently or it could damage your windscreen.


  1. WD-40:

This chemical is often used as a solution to prevent rusting.  However, it has a variety of other applications. This method is as simple and similar to the Goo Gone method, you only need to spray it on the decal and wipe it with a clean towel after 5 minutes.

The only difference between both products is that Goo Gone is a non-toxic solution and WD-40 is a toxic chemical solution, so be careful when you use this solution to try this method.

  1. Hot Water:

This is another easy and effective way to remove stickers from the windscreen. Add some liquid soap to a bottle of hot water and slowly pour it on the sticker after shaking it. This technique is effective because the soap helps in removing the sticker while the heat aids in softening the adhesive. Later, inspect to see if the adhesive has loosened if it did not, then you can slowly pour more hot water on the windscreen, and it would be gone soon.

  1. Baking Soda:

Since it is a non-toxic agent used for cleaning, that is safer than WD-40, and is found in everyone’s pantry, this method is often used to remove stickers. Mix a little baking soda in half a cup of oil used for cooking. Use a dry clean paper towel and soak it in the mixture. Then use the soaked paper towel to soak the sticker. After it has got completely soaked, you can easily remove the sticker with your fingers itself.


In a nutshell, you can easily remove decals from your windscreen on your own by following any of these 7 methods rather than spending money at a shop to do a job you could have done on your own.

About the Author:

Darren Pay and Justin Oakes are co-founders of A1 Windscreens in Australia, famous for its windscreen crack repair and car windscreen replacement services.