Foiling Hair Color Ideas

Complete Guide About Foiling Hair Color Ideas

Everyone loves to keep their style unique from others! To stand out from the crowd and for enticing others, hair foiling gets wide among people. Although nothing beats the happiness of walking out of the saloon with satisfaction, at home you need to care properly for coloring. To know what is hair foiling and for knowing caring Foiling Hair Color Ideas, scroll and continue your read.

What Is Hair Foiling?

Foil highlights generally called foiling are the process of coloring hair by using sheets of foil. The sheet is used to separate the strands as per the thickness or thinness of the hair. These strands are covered with color before covering them in a foil sheet to process. Foils are placed close to the scalp to lighten the hair from the roots to the ends.The foiling process can be classified into two types i.e., Full foil and partial foil.

Partial Foil: In partial hair foiling, about 20 sheets is used to crown the roots and side hairline. In the process, foiling is done only on top of the hair.

Full Foil: In this foiling service nearly 40 to 100 foil sheets are used to crown the entire head.  The number of foil sheets will differ according to the preference and hair condition of the person. If you are planning for ponytail fashion or related styling then go with the full foil option.

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Foiling Hair Color Ideas Caring Tips

No matter how gorgeous you look at the saloon, at home without proper care the appealing style will fade away. Follow the given below tips for maintaining the foiling hair color.

Wait For Three Days Before Hair Wash:  Do not immediately hair wash after coloring. Wait for about 3 days or 72 hours before washing hair colors. The hair cuticles are left open when coloring and it may alter the hair structure if washed immediately.  To reduce the susceptibility of hair damage wash your hair after the prescribed hours.

Use Color Protectant Shampoo: Not just dying with high-quality color will yield results. For a long-term appealing look, you need to use color protectant shampoo. Prefer formulated shampoo for color-treated hair to reduce the risk of fading. Do not use shampoo with harsh ingredients as they will evade the hair color.

Conditioning The Colored Hair: After every hair washes using shampoo, it is necessary to condition the colored hair. This will help in adding shine and luster to the hair. Ensure to use the conditioner that is good for color-treated hair.

Avoid High Temperature: Try not to shower in hot water as it will damage the hair. Nevertheless, the color will be easily faded by washing in hot. The outer protective covering of dye gets disrupted as heat opens up the cuticle resulting in early fading

Use Hot Oil Treatment: To give a shiny look to the hair, use hot oil treatment. Apply the hot oil and cover it with a shower cap. Now use a blow-dryer or sit under the sun to heat the hair. Then allow it to cool down and rinse the applied oil using cold water.  This will be in giving a thicker glossy look to your hair.

Wrapping Up

The above given are caring tips for Foiling Hair Color Ideas. To experience complete satisfaction in hair coloring or styling, you can visit Dominic’s Hairdressing.