Synthetic Turf Melbourne

Common Misconceptions about Synthetic Grass Melbourne

Artificial grass was found in nearly the 1960s with the purpose of using it at sports stadiums and playgrounds for the comfort of sportsmen. But as days went by people got attracted by their looks and install them at a lot of places, such as their residential areas, offices, restraints and etc. A lot think Synthetic Grass Melbourne can give a good look to the garden. But there are still some who have false thoughts about it like it didn’t provide a quality look, which is not true. If you also didn’t know what is true or what is not about it read the below lines, through this you can gain a proper understanding.

This myth was once true but not anymore. Most people started to use it from1960’s and 64’s.

At those periods the growth of technologies are very low, so it couldn’t provide a real look. In recent days because of the evolution in landscape technologies, artificial turf has improved a lot. They even provide a natural look to the point of making one believe they are real grass. All you have to do for that is, brush them often and mostly in the directions where they face a lot of foot traffics. Through this, you can maintain its look and durability.

  • They Are Expensive

Another common misconception about those is, it is expensive to offer. You only have to spend your money to buy and install this. But maintenance comes with several benefits. Real one needs regular watering, mowing, and trimming, also if you couldn’t maintain it you need to hire a professional. All these require a lot of money, but fake turf didn’t require all these. After the installation, just by washing and rinsing it regularly with water, you can help these to have a long life. This makes it as inexpensive to offer.

Things To Know About Synthetic Turf Gold Coast
  • Not Pet Friendly

Your pet will definitely like these because this is soft in nature. When your pet is playing in the garden, there is a high chance for it to ruin the place. Also, they’ll make a hole in the real grass field. But all these are impossible in fake turf. The one thing you need to be careful about, removing the pet waste. If it stayed long on the artificial lawn, there is a chance for you to face unpleasant smells. You can easily wash the waste after it got dried and use the mixture of water with vinegar to make that bad odor disappear.

  • Bad For The Environment

It is one of the common misconceptions spreading about artificial lawns. It’s surely not true; in fact, synthetic turf is an environmentally friendly product. For example, to maintain the natural grass field, you need gas-fuelled mowers, which can definitely affect your environment. To have a good look at the real lawn requires the use of pesticide and water service but a fake one avoids the presence of chemical use such as pesticides and also it reduces water consumption. All these make fake lawns environmentally friendly to use.

  • It’s Not Kid-Friendly

Your kid will find it attractive as well as comfortable to play with. When your child accidentally falls on the real grass field, they’ll get injuries sometimes it can be severe ones. But in a fake one, you don’t have to get afraid about it all. Also, artificial turf will have a cushion in it, because of that even if your child falls, it won’t get any injuries. So, apart from houses, even educational institutes are like to have it installed in their places.

Final Lines

The above lines talk about some of the myths about Synthetic Turf Melbourne.  If you ever need a fake lawn for your places, go to, Auzzie Turf We are an artificial grass supplier in Melbourne, Australia who supplies it in the places such as residences, commercial, education and etc. With our fake lawn, you can surely enhance your surroundings and have a great look with a long-lasting experience.