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Located in Waratah Arcade, Waratah Dental Centre welcomes you to our community-driven and family-friendly dentistry in Engadin, NSW. We are highly passionate individuals who aspire to provide you with the highest-quality dental care in the most comfortable setting. We state-of-the-art equipment to offer you a wide range of services such as dental crowns and implants, Quality Dental Care dental check-ups, root canal treatment, smile makeovers, teeth whitening, dentures treatment, wisdom tooth removal, and IV sedation in Engadin, NSW. As your family-friendly dentistry, we offer preventative dentistry check-ups every six months to get a grip on any dental problems before they become severe and irrevocable. We help you treat the root cause so you can avoid root canals. At Waratah Dental Centre, we offer you the best in business dental crowns and bridges to give you a smile that enhances your personality. A complete dental crown coverage is a way of restoring a badly damaged tooth and will further the structure's strength. Often children fear seeing a dentist, and sometimes their parents do too. This is commonly known as dentophobia. But, with the pain-free IV sedation that we use, you will be able to relax and even enjoy your treatment without worry. Patients who put off their dental treatment are more likely to experience toothache because of the delay in the procedure. Sedation will make you more cooperative and give you peace of mind. So the process becomes easier and allows the dentist to perform the work.  At our dental office, we also offer take-home teeth whitening. This is a non-surgical way of removing stains from your teeth that is not at all risky, and it also lightens the colour of enamel, leaving you with brighter and whiter teeth.  To learn about your eligibility for take-home teeth whitening, give us a call right now to book an appointment with us, or select a date via the online booking portal on our official website.
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