TruBlu K9000 Dog Wash

The K9000 Dogwash was born in regional Australia in 2005, as a small, after-hours enterprise that soon grew into a phenomenon. The K9000 created a revolutionary new market for DIY Dog Washing that has changed the way that people clean their dogs worldwide.K9000 is still a family-owned business and we have worked hard to retain those foundation values, embedding them in the culture of everything we do. Despite our growth and now working with large corporate partners across the globe, we have maintained our small business values and ethics.The first K9000 ever installed in 2005 is still operating in Victoria, Australia – having effortlessly washed thousands of dogs in its lifetime.Our simple, practical approach to providing a trustworthy and reliable product has been at the cornerstone of our vision. The keys to our sustained success are the quality of the experience for the end user washing the dog and also how the K9000 works for the business owner.With over 2500 x K9000 DIY Dog Wash units operational globally, we are constantly expanding our network both in Australia and international markets. We have carefully selected distributors, working collaboratively across the globe to maintain K9000’s standing as the true market leader.
Dog Wash machine manufacturer