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Our vision was never to be the greatest building contractor of new homes in Perth. We all simply aspired to be the best.

Throughout our 40-year background, growth and also bust markets came and ended up. Significantly, during boom periods lots of property home builders sought to take on so much work as possible. We take pride in the fact during these times we actually reduce our home contracts. This lets your home to be built to a superb “Ross North standard” that is second to none. Our ongoing vision is about quality, not quantity.

The journey to date has seen more than 10,000 quality homes built for fellow West Australians and has verified to us everything we have seen from our personal building experience previously: that although lowering corners by using 2nd class trades as well as building products may do the job, but those clients will never come back or hand out recommendations to friends or family.

Our success, as well as longevity as house contractors in Perth, have been based on a strong and also well known status and it is something that we are extremely happy with.

We are very pleased to say over the last 40 years, we have won nearly every honour for home contractors in Perth which is feasible. The recognition we have acquired covers everything from the coveted Gold Key Award which identifies excellent design and quality building, right through to awards for elegant kitchens and also bathrooms.

These awards are evaluated by our other building contractors and we are honoured to have been recognised by them. On the other hand, the awards we respect the most are from the people of West Australians who put the trust of developing their new house in our hands.

Responsibility, caring and pride are what everyone at Ross North is about.

Why Ross North?


The Ross North Group has received pretty much every award for house designs in Perth that the West Australian home building industry has to offer, such as the highly desired Gold Key and People’s Choice Awards.

While we are satisfied with these kinds of awards, we believe there is not any greater accolade than to endure the test of time. This is why after 40 years, The Ross North Group is always among the list of leaders in home building in Perth.

The Ross North Group has been granted more than twenty Master Builders Association (MBA) Awards, which include prestigious Gold Key & People’s Choice Awards.

We have also been identified at the best level by the Housing Industry Association (HIA), having been given as finalists and victors on a remarkable 70 separate occasions, including HIA Awards for Construction Excellence.

It is our obsession with quality that has earned us a status as one of WA’s leading new house contractors, and it is also the reason more than 30,000 West Australians have chosen the Ross North Group to build their homes.

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