Protech Pest Control

As Melbourne's leading pest control company, Protech Pest Control proudly holds over 30 years of dedicated expertise. Our HACCP-certified pest control specialists excel in identifying and eliminating various pest species.We provide affordable, prompt, reliable, efficient, and secure pest control services tailored to meet both residential and commercial needs.Our Areas of Expertise:
  • Comprehensive pest control encompassing mice, rats, cockroaches, beetles, spiders, wasps, moths, silverfish, and various other pests.
  • Specialized possum removal services
  • Thorough termite inspection and management
  • Building pest inspections
Why Choose Us?
  • Implementation of safe and eco-friendly methods
  • Licensed and highly qualified professionals dedicated to serving you
  • Quick follow-up services
  • Guarantee of a pest-free environment
Reach out to us today at 1300 486 149 to discuss your pest control requirements!
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