MPH Auto Services

What do they say about loving what you do and never working a day in your life? Well after years of working in a corporate role that ebbed away at my soul, I realised the simple things in life brought the most joy and satisfaction.For me, it's cars. Or anything with an engine really. Spending my days around them, any of them, is no hardship. So standing back admiring them once cleaned, restored and protected is an absolute pleasure.Though rust is less of a problem for us in Sydney, protection from the sea air and harsh sunlight is a must, not only for the paintwork but also for the car's market value. So our aim is always to leave your car looking and smelling as close to new as we can.Which is why we use only premium care & detailing products designed to restore as well as protect. It's like a mobile spa treatment for your car. Currently serving Sydney's north shore suburbs, we come to you. All we need is access to water and power.
Car Detailer , ceramic coating, paint protection, mobile car detailing

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