M3 Health Hobson’s Bay (Spotswood)

From immunisations to skin checks and more, M3 Health Hobsons Bay is a family centre in Spotswood that provides services for both children and adults. Book now.
Immunisations – Protect yourself against potentially life-threatening and high-risk diseases with our immunization programme.Travel Clinic – Being a part of travel Clinic Australia, we can provide you with advice and immunizations when you travel abroad.Skin Check – Getting a skin check in Spotswood is now easy and stress-free with our friendly team of specialist skin cancer GPs. Don’t let the fear of Melanoma or skin cancer prevent you from living your life’s adventure.Corporate Health – We provide tailor-made healthcare solutions to companies on-site or at the clinic.

Monday: 9AM-5PM

Tuesday: 9AM-5PM

Wednesday: 9AM-5PM

Thursday: 9AM-5PM

Friday: 9AM-5PM