Kids & Co Early Learning Centre

Give your children a great start in life with customised learning lessons and engaging activities here at Kids and Co. Child Care. A recognised early learning kindergarten in Melbourne, Kids and Co. offer unparalleled services that set the right track for your child development. We do not force the child to cram but play with them, observe them and engage them in meaningful activities that encourage them to discover and experience the surroundings. We have a thoroughly planned curriculum that develops the language, social and thinking skills in your child. Plus, our instructors are friendly, professional and highly experienced. So, why wait? Connect with us today.
early learning kindergarten

Monday: Monday : 7am to 6.00pm

Tuesday: Tuesday : 7am to 6.00pm

Wednesday: Wednesday : 7am to 6.00pm

Thursday: Thursday : 7am to 6.00pm

Friday: Friday : 7am to 6.00pm