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Gutter cleaning is an essential maintenance task that protects your home from water damage by ensuring that rainwater can flow freely away from your home’s foundation, walls, and landscape. Let’s explore the needs and methods involved in gutter cleaning.
Method 1:  Ladder Bucket and Hand-Trowel This is probably the most difficult and dangerous way to clean gutters. Basically, it involves lifting a bucket and trowel up a stepladder, then scooping and scraping the debris inside the gutter into a bucket. Get down and move the ladder another arm’s length, scale the ladder again with your scooping tool and repeat. From a safety risk perspective, it simply shouldn’t be done this way. From a time-management standpoint, it makes no sense. At some point the bucket loses its meaning and you’ll find yourself tossing the gutter debris on the ground below instead.Method 2:  Using a Leaf Blower Using a leaf blower to clean your gutters might seem like a good idea, but it really isn’t the best tool for the job. The heaviness makes them not good for taking on a roof. Most having pull-start motors makes them even more precarious to work at heights with. Even if your balance is well above average and can’t be knocked around by the force of the blower, it’ll make a bigger mess than necessary that will need to be picked up later. There may be an attachment that would allow you to use the leaf blower at ground level, but you’ll likely blow debris onto your roof tiles. Not all problems can be solved with a leaf blower, at least not this one. It simply isn’t the right tool for the job.Method 3:  High Pressure Water Hose While using a high-pressure water system can be great to clean roof tiles, it isn’t recommended to use one to clean the gutters. Like the beloved leaf blower, this method leaves a of mess, only this mess is a lot wetter. In fact, it is better to have the gutters cleaned before using a pressure washing tool to clean roof tiles to make sure the cleaning water drains properly during the wash.Method 4: Using Specialist Vacuum Equipment For the triple benefit of time, safety and effectiveness, the best choice of tool is to use a specialised roof gutter vacuum cleaning tool. Using a powerful motored vacuum to pull the debris through an optimally designed nozzle, it can be easily bagged and disposed of or used as garden mulch. The hose unit needs to be lightweight, while the vacuum system needs to be powerful enough to effectively remove all debris, saving you the need to manually remove anything. A vacuum cleaning system for roof gutters usually lets you keep the motor on the ground while the vacuum suction nozzle is carried around to each section of gutter. Not having to carry heavy equipment on a roof decreases the risk of injury significantly.
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