FeelDX stands as a global assembly of creative experts, reshaping the way individuals interact with urban environments and infrastructure. We redefine how your audience perceives your project by integrating cutting-edge visualisation and interactive technologies.Our approach blends strategy, storytelling, creative technology, and experimentation. This dynamic combination is evident in our work, which spans various clients, sectors, and project phases. We pride ourselves on adapting these elements seamlessly to create engaging content that leaves a lasting impact.Whether it's a complex construction project or the realisation of a compelling vision, we thrive in transforming ideas into reality. From improving existing systems to constructing something entirely new, serving local communities, or contributing to education, our innovative project planning methodology and visual media technology breathe life into every project we undertake.
BIM 3D, 4D, 5D, 7D & Visual Methodologies Multimedia Visualisation Construction Life Cycle Management Project Control & Project Management Tender Programmes Construction Programme Subcontractor Programme Project Forensic Analysis (NOD/EOT Claims & Scheduling) Education and Training Interior Design