Emergency and Preventative Accounting Specialists

EPAS is your specialised emergency accountants, committed to helping you get your tax debt under control, negotiate with the ATO, and get your business back on track.We are a full-service business accounting firm with highly specialised in-house expertise in tax planning, tax accounting, management accounting, financial accounting and strategic forecasting and trend analysis. In addition, we are experts in negotiating with the ATO around difficult and burdensome tax debts. Many businesses end up struggling to meet their compliance obligations. Contrary to popular belief the ATO doesn’t want to shut these businesses down, but finding a pathway to recovery requires specialised accounting support.We start every engagement with our customers by drilling down deeply into their financial circumstances, to understand how they’ve ended up in the situation that they have. Once we’ve done that, we will work with you to formulate a plan that allows you to address tax debt without placing additional burden on the organization. We’ll be able to help you preserve and even improve cash flow, building the business back into a healthy position so that you can make a full and genuine recovery.
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