Get your crane certified and ensure ongoing safe operation thanks to the team at Crane Engineering Services. Providing cost-effective and efficient inspection services, Crane Inspection Services offers complete peace of mind for you. Crane Inspection Services is led by fully qualified engineers who adhere to the Crane Code of Practice, Australian Standards, and WorkSafe requirements.Crane Engineering Services specialises in Major Crane Inspections, Annual Crane Inspections, Assessment & Design Reviews, and Certification. Book your 12-monthly crane inspection, your 10-year or 25-year major crane inspection or apply as an Independent Third Party Assessor with Crane Engineering Services.Crane Engineering Services works with all major brands, including Liebherr, Terex, and Hitachi. For further information on how the team can assist you, get in touch today.
At Crane Engineering Services, we have a common goal - to help crane owners and operators in getting their cranes certified for continued safe operation in the most cost effective and efficient way. With our top level expertise and extensive experience in cranes, you can trust us in providing major inspection services, engineering assessment and certification that meets Australian Standards. Our in house engineers are fully qualified, armed with crane manufacturer design experience and competency accredited by Engineers Australia.