C3X Australia

C3X operates Australia wide, is proudly Australian with HQ in Victoria. We work closely with Victoria Government and are across 200+ projects Australia wide, has key commitments for local jobs, social procurement, indigenous and diversity, and sustainability.

Recognised as Australia's leading visualisation studio and technology company. We strive to work with organisations that embrace next practice, not just best practice. From 3D visualisations, animations, video, timelapse, map animations, and filming to 360° visual tours and everything in between, our entire team at C3X is on a mission to help make your visions a reality through immersive visual experiences.

Know More Info, https://www.c3x.com.au/about-us/

OUR SERVICESAt C3X, we are at the crossroads of innovation and engagement, leveraging tomorrow’s technology to captivate audiences throughout virtually every industry. We proudly cover 360° of your visual needs, delivering immersive end-to-end services that bring out the best in what your organisation has to offer. Our services include1. C3X Visualise Your World 2. C3X 3D Visualisation 3. C3X Timelapse 4. C3X Aerial Video and Photography 5. C3X Satellite 6. C3X Animation and Motion Graphics 7. C3X 360 Virtual Tours 8. C3X Augmented and Virtual Reality 9. C3X Stakeholder Interviews 10. C3X Photography 11. C3X Live Streaming

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