Apex Pallets & Timber Packaging

Apex Pallets & Timber Packaging is a family-owned and locally operated business in Silverdale, NSW. Having 3 decades of industry experience, we are proud to be recognised as a reputable company for pallet manufacturing and supplying.  In order to create pallets, we buy 50% new wood from an approved source and mix it with 50% reusable post-consumer wood. This is how we try to make production sustainable.  Our primary concern is animal welfare, so we work closely with partners to promote animal welfare management. We create woodchips that make sustainable bedding for animal habitats.   In order to continue an extensive supply chain of timber crates, we have partnered with national businesses. Additionally, we are skilled at creating wooden pallets with the correct measurements and weight capacities specifically adapted to customers' expectations based on their logistical needs.   We produce wood that is up to industry standards. Moreover, our recycled pallets are made from reclaimed wood that has been collected. To reduce landfill trash, we also ask our clients to recycle their PET plastic strapping.  

Jack and Tom's decades of pallet recycling, repair, and sales expertise have been crucial to Apex's incredible journey and subsequent success. Pallets with bespoke designs are produced to the highest standards while also being environmentally friendly for the clients.  

We look forward to broadening our horizons by offering customised solutions to companies of all sizes. As pallet producers, we are your one-stop shop for importing and exporting pallets. So, what are you waiting for? Call us at 02 4774 2840 today!

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